Lowongan Kerja Terbaru PT Indospring Tbk November 2023

Lowongan Kerja Terbaru PT Indospring Tbk November 2023

LokerBlog.com (Lowongan Kerja SMA SMK D3 S1 Terbaru November 2023) - Setiap orang harus sungguh - sungguh untuk dalam mencari pekerjaan yang tepat bagi dirinya karena ini sangat berpengaruh bagi masa depan. Pekerjaan yang baik adalah pekerjaan yang membuat diri sendiri lebih senang dan bahagia tanpa adanya tekanan. Biasanya untuk pekerjaan yang seperti ini dapat memberikan kesuksesan yang lebih cepat karena setiap usaha yang dilakukan dengan rasa bahagia dan nyaman memberikan hasil yang begitu sempurna. Untuk itu sebelum anda mencari pekerjaan terlebih dahulu mempersiapkan diri secara matang Apakah pekerjaan tersebut betul   betul dapat memberikan efek yang baik bagi anda pada kedepannya. Untuk itu anda harus lebih berhati - hati di dalam memilih pekerjaan dan tentunya harus sesuai dengan pendidikan dan jurusan yang anda miliki. Jangan terlena pada besaran gaji yang diberikan karena anda juga harus memperhatikan sebuah kesesuaian yang anda miliki. Pekerjaan yang menyenangkan itu berarti pekerjaan yang dapat membantu anda untuk lebih mudah dalam melakukan tugas dan tanggung jawab pada job deskripsi pekerjaan tersebut. Pekerjaan yang menyenangkan berarti membuat anda lebih bahagia tanpa ada rasa tekanan dan anda merasa nyaman dalam mengerjakan pekerjaan tersebut walaupun dengan tanggung jawab yang begitu besar. Pekerjaan yang menyenangkan akan memudahkan anda untuk meningkatkan karir dan level pekerjaan anda sebab dengan rasa nyaman anda akan lebih mudah mencari jenjang karir dan meningkatkan kompetensi anda lebih unggul. Diharapkan untuk mencari pekerjaan yang betul - betul memberikan Efek kebahagiaan untuk diri anda dan sekitarnya. Apapun usaha yang anda lakukan termasuk sebuah pekerjaan harus dilakukan dengan rasa senang hati agar dapat memberikan dampak yang positif dan membangun kepribadian anda sendiri. Setiap orang harus lebih siap dan mempunyai tekad yang kuat dalam meraih cita - cita apalagi di dalam dunia kerja. Untuk mendapatkan sebuah pekerjaan yang sesuai dengan kemampuan anda haruslah dilakukan riset termasuk dalam pemilihan posisi pekerjaan. anda harus memikirikan terlebih dahulu Apakah pekerjaan yang anda inginkan tersebut sudah sesuai dengan bakat dan kemampuan yang anda kuasai. Hal ini sangat perlu supaya Anda lebih paham dan mudah beradaptasi dengan pekerjaan tersebut. Di samping itu Anda mendapatkan peluang yang lebih besar dibandingkan dengan pekerjaan yang bukan dari keahlian anda. Sangat disayangkan bagi pelamar yang lebih mudah gagal dalam seleksi rekrutmen karena alasan tidak sesuai dengan pendidikan yang mereka kuasai.

Lowongan Kerja PT Indospring Tbk - PT. Indospring, Tbk adalah sebuah perusahaan industri yang memproduksi pegas untuk kendaraan, baik berupa pegas daun maupun pegas keong (pegas ulir) yang diproduksi dengan proses dingin maupun panas .

Lebih dari 35 tahun, PT. Indospring, Tbk telah menyaksikan naik turunnya perekonomian Indonesia dan terus berkembang berdasarkan peluang bisnis dalam permintaan di seluruh dunia. Kecepatan pertumbuhan membuat PT Indospring Tbk menjadi produsen per terbesar di Asia Tenggara.

Saat ini PT Indospring Tbk kembali membuka lowongan kerja terbaru pada bulan November 2023 untuk mencari calon karyawan yang siap untuk mengisi posisi jabatan yang sedang dibutuhkan. Perusahaan akan mencari kandidat yang terbaik sesuai dengan kualifikasi dan yang cocok untuk posisi yang akan ditempatkan.

Adapun dibawah ini adalah posisi jabatan yang tersedia beserta dengan kualifikasinya saat ini bagi Anda para pencari kerja yang tertarik untuk mengembangkan karir.

Lowongan Kerja Terbaru PT Indospring Tbk Tahun 2023


1. System Analyst Staff
Tugas & Tanggung Jawab:
  • Analyze client systems (existing/new) and liaise extensively with external clients to seek and find sources of waste in the company and provide IT-based solutions
  • Collaborate with developers and users to ensure technical compatibility and user satisfaction
  • Supervise and evaluate the implementation of new systems so that they are effectively used by users and run well
  • Create a testing schedule for the entire system so that the system that will be implemented for users can be used properly and improve user performance
  • Create blueprints and manuals as guidelines for IT in coding and users in running applications
  • Implementation of software to users so that the IT solutions that have been made can be realized properly
  • Creating Flowchart Diagrams / Data Flow Diagrams (DFD) to guide developers in making coding

  • D3 / S1 majoring in Informatics Engineering or any relevant fields of study
  • Minimum 1 year of experience in IT & own management knowledge
  • Understand business awareness
  • Understand business process system in manufacturing
  • Mastering of programming techniques
  • Ability to analyze and learn quickly
  • Ability to use logical approach in problem solving
  • Good interpersonal and client handling skills
  • Planning & negotiation skills

2. Mandarin Interpreter Staff
Tugas & Tanggung Jawab:
  • Ensure that the purchase of spare parts and machinery is in accordance with the needs of PP to avoid errors in purchasing, both in terms of size, material spec, and quantity
  • Ensure that there is no oustanding of PP Import & PO has received confirmation from the supplier so that there is no delay in material delivery
  • Ensure the purchase of spare parts and machinery at competitive prices so that CR targets can be met (by comparing prices between imported suppliers / with local suppliers)
  • Carry out the purchasing process by requesting price quotes from more than one supplier and compiling a price comparison before issuing a PO
  • Control the quantity, quality and delivery of products in accordance with the specified procedures and time
  • Ensure delivery schedule & quantity of spare parts and machinery in accordance with ETA request PO, so that stock for production can run
  • Minimize the cost of unloading imported goods so that there is no extra cost
  • Ensure that imported goods are not constrained during importation so that the arrival of goods can arrive on schedule
  • Pay supplier invoices on time (according to Term of Payment) to minimize shipment constraints
  • Create purchase orders after the price is approved or immediately issue a purchase order if it is a repeat order and the price has not changed, so that the lead time is in accordance with the user’s request

  • Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical, Industrial Engineering, Supply Chain Management or Chinese Literature from a reputable university
  • Minimum 1 year experience in purchasing or fresh graduate
  • Initiative, self discipline, fast learner, detail oriented, and able to work independently.
  • Have a good, analytical thinking, communication and negotiation skill
  • Fluent Mandarin language skills essential for this position. Certified with HSK 4/5

3. Robot Engineer Staff
Tugas & Tanggung Jawab:
  • Design, monitor, manufacture products from initial concept to installation
  • Testing automation systems for efficiency, safety, and reliability
  • Repair and analysis problems of product design
  • Coordinate with other departments to ensure that all materials are available when needed
  • Provide regular updates on the status of projects to key stakeholders, including executives

  • Diploma degree of Mechatronics/Mechanic/Automation Engineering or any relevant field of study
  • Min. 1 years experience in similar role (freshgraduated are welcome to apply)
  • Experience in using microcontrollers, accurate, attention to detail and fast learner
  • Able to draw 2D/3D designs with Solidwork/AutoCAD
  • Create flowcharts, manual books, drawing checking etc
  • Able to work in team or individual

4. Purchasing Staff
Tugas & Tanggung Jawab:
  • Ensure that the purchase of spare parts, machinery and services is in accordance with the needs of local PP to avoid errors in purchasing, both in terms of size, material spec, and quantity
  • Ensure that all requests for the purchase of local engineering goods are realized into Purchase Orders (PO) so that requests for goods can be fulfilled in accordance with the specified time
  • Carry out the purchasing process by requesting price quotes from more than one supplier and compiling price comparisons before issuing POs so as to get competitive prices with good quality
  • Ensure the purchase of spare parts, machinery and services at competitive prices so that the Cost Reduction (CR) target can be met (by comparing prices between local suppliers / with imported suppliers)
  • Control the quantity and delivery of products in accordance with the procedures and time specified so that the goods ordered are in accordance with the company’s request. 6. Ensure the delivery schedule & quantity of spare parts, machinery and servic
  • Ensure the delivery schedule & quantity of spare parts, machinery and services in accordance with the Estimate
  • Time of Arrival (ETA) request PO to support operational activities both manufacturing and office
  • Coordinate with the user if there are potential delays so that the user knows the status of the goods and services being ordered

  • Bachelor’s degree of Industrial, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering or any relevant field from reputable university (Fresh graduate are welcome to apply)
  • Minimum 1 year experience in purchasing or similar role
  • Good interpersonal, analytical thinking and negotiation skills

5. Electrical Staff
Tugas & Tanggung Jawab:
  • Create a schedule activity plan that is adjusted to the timeline / due date of each project being worked on and create a project priority scale in order to monitor the progress of each project that has been created
  • Perform panel layout design activities, wiring electrical diagrams that are adjusted to the applicable SOP
  • Perform activities to list electrical component parts that are adjusted to the design and project needs
  • Conduct coordination meetings with the electrical team regarding machine projects to determine part requirements, panel layouting, power wiring, control wiring and safety systems
  • Conduct surveys (genba, genbutsu, genjitsu), manual book electrical diagrams & documentation of project plans
  • Supervise the process and results of panel installation/assembly
  • Update weekly progress
  • Prepare manual book material for the designed machine

  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical, Automation, or Mechatronics Engineering or any relevant field of study from reputable university
  • Min. 1 year previous experiences in similar role
  • Required Skills: Preventive & Corrective Maintenance, Electrical Skills, Automation System, PLC, Solidworks
  • Experience as maintenance/project supervisor or SPM (Special Purpose Machine) Manufacturing
  • Understand and read Wiring Electrical Diagram
  • Able to program and operate PLC and HMI
  • Able to design wiring electrical diagrams
  • Able to work in a team and good time management

6. Research & Development Staff
Tugas & Tanggung Jawab:
  • Research results to develop company products with consistent, innovative and high quality

  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical/Industrial/Shipbuilding/Metallurgy Engineering or any relevant field of study from reputable university
  • Min. 1 year of working experiences in similar role
  • Skill(s): CATIA, CAD, SOLIDWORK and Microsoft Office Software will be an advantageous or other related software design
  • Mastering the general basic principles of mechanical & materials, design software
  • Excellent analytical skill, capable of evaluating and solving various engineering problems
  • Fast learning and good communication

7. Quality Assurance Staff
Tugas & Tanggung Jawab:
  • Develop standardized production, quality, and customer-service standards
  • Identify potential risks before they become a problem, focusing on root cause analysis and preventive action

  • Bachelor’s degree in Metallurgy Engineering or relevant field of study from reputable university
  • Min. 1 years previous experiences in similar role is preferred (fresh graduate are welcome to apply)
  • Experience in building, managing and influencing relationships with internal stakeholders, using data to generate insights and solving complex problems
  • People-oriented and self-motivated
  • Dynamic, effective communication skills and communicate the results of inspections and put forward corrective suggestions, significant attention to detail
  • Experienced in manufacture is preferably
  • Knowledged with ISO IATF

8. Production Staff
Tugas & Tanggung Jawab:
  • Leading production team to achieve production target, both based on daily targets and due date schedules.

  • Bachelor’s Degree of Mechanical/Electrical/Automation Engineering or any relevant fields.
  • Min. 1 year previous experience as a production or similar role (fresh graduated are welcome to apply).
  • Good communication, teamwork and time management skills.
  • Able to work efficiently, hard worker and strong leadership.

9. Maintenance Staff
Tugas & Tanggung Jawab:
  • Support reparation of machines in factory and scheduling periodic maintenance

  • Min. Bachelor’s degree (D4/S1) of Electrical Engineering/Automation or any relevant fields.
  • Min. 1 year experience as team leader maintenance (fresh graduate are welcome to apply).
  • Skill(s): Wiring diagrams, PLC, Automation, Solidworks.
  • Flexible to work shifts.

10. Legal Staff
Tugas & Tanggung Jawab:
  • Review and design agreements/contracts/ legal documents and ensure they comply with the company’s internal rights and regulations

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law background from reputable university
  • Minimum 1 years of working experience in the same position
  • Experienced in OSS and handling related permits
  • Able to draft and review contract or legal document
  • Excellent analytical, communication, and interpersonal skills

11. Industrial Relation Staff
Tugas & Tanggung Jawab:
  • Mempersiapkan apel pagi agar apel tetap berjalan sesuai dengan jadwal yang telah dibuat.
  • Mengecek kehadiran staff secara manual, klarifikasi alpha, surat ketidakhadiran yang belum diserahakan agar dapat segera dikirimkan surat panggilan & surat peringatan.
  • Mengecek rambut, kuku, aksesoris tambahan, kelengkapan APD, barang – barang yang dilarang masuk kedalam perusahaan agar sesuai dengan aturan yang berlaku di perusahaan.
  • Mencari issue ketenagakerjaan internal dan eksternal untuk mengantisipasi terjadinya disputhe dari pihak internal maupun eksternal.
  • Melaksanakan tugas administrasi industrial relations antara lain penanganan permasalahan ketenagakerjaan seperti pelanggaran / kedisiplinan (TOP 100), PHK, biparthe, disputhe, dll. supaya proses operasional kerja berjalan dengan baik.
  • Melakukan update secara rutin administrasi kepegawaian seperti jumlah tenaga kerja, absentism karyawan, dll. agar data yang berikan berdasarkan actual yang ada di lapangan
  • Menindaklanjuti absentism TOP 100 untuk menegakkan kedisiplinan aturan perusahaan
  • Melayani staff / non staff dalam hal ijin cuti, ijin keluar, tabungan karyawan, peralatan kerja dan pengobatan ringan agar produktivitas kinerja karyawan tetap terjaga dengan baik.
  • Menerapkan sistem managemen mutu pada semua aktifitas di lingkup internal departemen dan aktifitas yang berkaitan dengan departemen lain sesuai dengan ketetapan standart yang telah ditetapkan oleh perusahaan.

  • D3 atau S1 Hukum.
  • 1 tahun dalam bidang personalia / IR perusahaan manufacturing
  • Mampu mengoperasikan komputer (Ms. Office).
  • Memahami undang – undang ketenagakerjaan
  • Memahami ISO TS 16949, SO OHSAS 18001 & 14001

Lokasi: Gresik

Bagi Anda yang berminat, silahkan melakukan pendaftaran secara online:

https://t.me/lokerblog (Channel Lowongan Kerja Terbaru)
https://t.me/infolokerblog (Channel Info Loker Terbaru Tahun 2023)


Diharapkan untuk membaca secara keseluruhan informasi dengan teliti
Hanya pelamar terbaik sesuai klasifikasi yang akan diproses untuk mengikuti seleksi selanjutnya
Selama proses rekrutmen tidak ada dikenakan biaya apapun

Semoga informasi ini bermanfaat bagi Anda para pencari kerja dan jangan lupa untuk membagikannya kepada teman atau kerabat yang membutuhkan.
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