Lowongan Kerja Terbaru PT Monster Entertainment Indonesia Maret 2024

Lowongan Kerja Terbaru PT Monster Entertainment Indonesia Maret 2024

LokerBlog.com (Lowongan Kerja SMA SMK D3 S1 Terbaru Maret 2024) - Mendapatkan pekerjaan yang sesuai dengan yang diinginkan adalah salah satu idaman bagi setiap orang di saat baru saja lulus dari jenjang perkuliahan. Sewaktu Anda lulus dari perkuliahan, itu bukanlah akhir dari segala perjuangan anda menggapai sebuah karir tetapi hal tersebut adalah awal dari perjuangan anda untuk berjuang secara nyata di dalam mencapai impian melalui jenjang karir di perusahaan. Segala sesuatu yang anda pelajari di dalam perkuliahan akan anda praktikkan secara nyata di dalam menggapai karir. Secara nyata anda harus betul - betul berjuang dan bersaing dengan pelamar yang lainnya untuk mendapatkan apa yang anda harapkan termasuk posisi pekerjaan. Pekerjaan yang menyenangkan adalah pekerjaan yang membuat anda merasa lebih bahagia tanpa ada tekanan. Biasanya pekerjaan yang menyenangkan akan menghasilkan dan menciptakan suasana yang lebih baik serta kamu bisa mendapatkan extra target tanpa adanya tekanan. Banyak orang mempunyai pengalaman yang terkunci pada sebuah pekerjaan yang tidak diinginkan dan yang tidak sesuai dengan pendidikan serta jurusan yang dia miliki. Sehingga pekerjaan tersebut membuat anda lebih bosan dan dan tidak betah. Bahkan sampai banyak orang ingin cepat - cepat resign dari pekerjaan tersebut karena kurangnya rasa kenyamanan dan ketidakcocokan. Sebaiknya Anda memilih sebuah pekerjaan yang betul - betul anda cintai dan anda pun dapat mengerjakan dan melaksanakan pekerjaan tersebut dengan baik. Mencari pekerjaan merupakan hal yang paling sulit kepada mereka yang sudah gagal dan terus saja ditolak di dalam perusahaan. Namun bagaimana pun, mereka harus terus berjuang walaupun lamarannya selalu ditolak dan gagal di dalam seleksi rekrutmen perusahaan. Di samping itu , Anda harus mempelajari beberapa kelemahan - kelemahan dan kekurangan yang anda miliki sewaktu gagal di dalam seleksi rekrutmen. Dan yang  paling penting untuk selalu berusaha dan tetap berdoa agar anda selalu mendapatkan hasil yang lebih baik lagi dari yang sebelumnya. Banyak orang yang gagal ataupun putus asa ketika pertama kali gagal di dalam seleksi perusahaan padahal kegagalan bukanlah akhir dari segalanya.

Lowongan Kerja PT Monster Entertainment Indonesia - Moonton Indonesia dengan nama perusahaan “PT. Monster Entertainment Indonesia ”merupakan anak perusahaan Shanghai Moonton Technology Co., Ltd, sebuah perusahaan pengembang game yang terkenal dengan permainannya – Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang adalah sebuah game MOBA 5V5 yang dirancang untuk 2 tim lawan untuk menghancurkan markas musuh sekaligus mempertahankan markasnya. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang sudah menaklukkan pasar Asia Tenggara untuk MOBA 5V5 MLBB merupakan satu-satunya game e-sport di Piala Presiden Indonesia 2019 yang juga ikut serta dalam game e-sport di SEA Games 2019 di Filipina. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) adalah liga MOBA seluler terbesar dan paling banyak ditonton di Asia Tenggara dan baru-baru ini mengumumkan perkenalan liga esports model franchise pertama di Tenggara di Indonesia. Dengan lebih dari 700 jam siaran langsung konten dibuat yang mengumpulkan lebih dari 2,5 juta jam tontonan, MPL Indonesia siap mengambil langkah selanjutnya untuk menentukan apa itu esports profesional di Indonesia

Saat ini PT Monster Entertainment Indonesia kembali membuka lowongan kerja terbaru pada bulan Maret 2023 untuk mencari calon karyawan yang siap untuk mengisi posisi jabatan yang sedang dibutuhkan. Perusahaan akan mencari kandidat yang terbaik sesuai dengan kualifikasi dan yang cocok untuk posisi yang akan ditempatkan.

Adapun dibawah ini adalah posisi jabatan yang tersedia beserta dengan kualifikasinya saat ini bagi Anda para pencari kerja yang tertarik untuk mengembangkan karir.

Lowongan Kerja Terbaru PT Monster Entertainment Indonesia Tahun 2023


1. Esports Sales Sponsorships Manager
Your responsibilities includes :
  • Contacting businesses and other potential clients to source new leads – this could be through phoning, emailing, direct visiting in person and/or contacting on social media
  • Maintaining strong relationships with existing clients by making sure they are aware of all the advertising solutions offered by the events and working with your colleagues (such as production, creative, marketing and logistics team members) to ensure the partner’s objectives are delivered and met.
  • Staying in the know about different industries (knowledgeable about social media, media planning, basic marketing campaigns)
  • Meeting sales targets, and engaging in upselling and cross-selling. Providing solutions based on the brief from clients
  • Creating sales proposals, media sales packages and handling negotiation processes.
  • Gaining an in-depth knowledge of the business, the market and the products/services offered and presenting this to clients in a way they understand.

Our shortlisted talent will be expected to showcase of independency and result driven based on the requirements mentioned:
  • Strong verbal/spoken and written English communications.
  • Strong sales presence ability to follow up and close new clients leads.
  • University degree, can be from any major.
  • Min. 2-4 years work experience in the sales department of a media company.
  • Strong negotiation and influencing skills.
  • Project management and time management ability.
  • Critical thinking, attention to detail, solution based attitude.
  • High self-motivation and target oriented.
  • Commercial and marketing campaign awareness.
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with others.
  • Strong interest in the esports industry, especially Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

2. Business Development & Community Lead
Joining the team, you are expecting to hold the responsibilities based on the following scope as a ground :
  • Managing both our existing partner & player community base and developing new business opportunities from various channel based on the publishing strategy and market trends
  • Take a lead role in the development of proposals and presentations for new business materials to create and nurture business opportunities and partnerships
  • Identify trends and player needs, building a short/medium/long-term partnership pipeline in accordance with targets
  • Analyzing co-branding campaign/player tournament data and feedback to improve and expand in the future ones
  • Assist in the coordination and implementation of publishing strategies, and delegate tasks that achieve strategic goals

A qualified candidate will be expected to showcase of independency and result driven based on the requirements mentioned :
  • Having game industry experience with a management role.
  • At least 3-5 years of experience in business development. Experience in influencing multiple stakeholders and leading cross functional teams across geographies and business units.
  • Fluent in Bahasa & English as the main working language. Mandarin speaking will be an added advantage for liaison with counter-parties.
  • Negotiate licensing contracts while working cross-functionally with internal management, finance, legal, and product teams.

Journey with Moonton Games :
  • In Moonton Games, you will experience an open working style with a flat structure. If you’re the core Mobile Legends: Bang Bang player, you will get excited when Enemy Reaches The Battlefield, Smash Them! We believed in gathering people who are passionate about e-sports game will definitely drive a greater achievements together! We welcome all applicants passionate about gaming and esports to join us!

Perks & Benefits :
  • Attractive rewarding structure.
  • Working In Office Meal Benefits for employees.
  • Mentorship program for new employees to quickly familiarise the business and corporate culture.
  • Exciting Annual Company Trip!
  • Exclusive In-game Benefits!
  • Fun & chill festival celebrations on major events.
  • Team Building for employee engagement.
  • Comprehensive medical benefits.
  • Overseas Moonton Academy.
  • Hobby Club organised virtually for employee all over the globe.
  • Exciting promotion practice within the organization!
  • Gift gestures for employees during festival season and you may also be expecting MLBB edition gifts during special occasions!

3. Senior Marketing Planner
Joining the team, you are expecting to hold the responsibilities based on the following scope as a ground :
  • Develop, organize, and oversee the end-to-end campaign amplification for the Indonesian market
  • Leverage the wide range of marketing strategies to enhance campaign achievement, such as ATL media buying, online activation, and event organizing
  • Perform market research and analysis to assess the campaign and any key metrics related, such as trends, brand awareness, and competitive landscape
  • Monitor the progress of campaigns using various metrics and submit reports of performance
  • Maintain relationships with vendors and publishers to ensure collaboration in promotional activities
  • Maintain SOV and positive sentiment through a strong PR strategy
  • Collaborate with other departments and functions associated with marketing initiatives and operations

A qualified candidate will be expected to showcase of independency and result driven based on the requirements mentioned :
  • Minimum experience of 3 years in the Marketing field, including but not limited to campaign management, brand marketing, event organizing, and media buying
  • Excellent interpersonal communication, writing, and organizational skills
  • Strong project management skills and used to working with multiple stakeholders
  • Fluent in English, both verbally and in writing. Excellent communication in Mandarin is a plus point
  • Thrive in constant change and comfortable in a start-up environment
  • Passionate in entertainment, game industry and game product
  • You play MLBB? You should be the one!

4. Game Business Development Manager
The role of the business development specialist is to manage various types of brand partnerships and activations (online and offline), with the objective to drive in-game playerbase, activeness and branding metrics:
  • Manage end-to-end partnerships scheme with brands, maintain communication with partners and ensure all conducted campaigns are conducted aligned with team’s core objective.
  • We are looking for 2-4 years experience in the marketing agency, digital and or game industry to join us. This role is expected for he/she with previous experience as BD with connections.
  • To underline this position’s main objective is not to focus on sales, but to conduct end-to-end collaboration/partnerships, including marketing activities.

Responsibilities :
  • Manage and take care of end-to-end processes of brand partnerships:
  • Identifying potential partners and campaign ideas, especially those that are in general trending or in gaming scope; with great marketing potentials
  • Create neat, attractive and easy-to-understand business presentations and proposals
  • Conduct and assist in business talk and negotiation, act as collaboration business representative
  • Manage internal and external administration process
  • Manage 360 campaign process, with an inclusive awareness in a broader gaming marketing and community perspective
  • Create reporting and key takeaways for future learning
  • Maintain strong relationships with new and existing brand partners, including agencies
  • Liaise and manage projects and activations that are in incubation process (there might not be related yet with external brand partnerships, however still counts as project management), which revolves around agency pitching and review, follow through end-to-end project management
  • Liaise and support various kinds of activations/campaigns related with publishing strategies
  • Day to day communications with internal management, finance, legal and product teams
  • Gatekeep core inventories in related with partnership scope, eg., in-game inventories, merchandise etc, including data identification and tracking

Our shortlisted talent will be expected to showcase of independency and result driven based on the requirements mentioned:
  • Strong verbal/spoken and written English communications, Mandarin speaking will be plus point,
  • Any major are welcome to apply,
  • Passion for gaming industry and show strong interest and understanding in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a must,
  • Having insights and experience handling regional market expansion in Indonesia will be a plus point,
  • Professional attitude and appearance,
  • Commercial and marketing campaign awareness,
  • Creative, strategic thinker with attention to details,
  • Aspiring learner, quick to adapt, possess integrity and honesty,
  • Self-motivated with a solution-driven approach, team player with collaborative spirit,
  • Time management and task prioritization – efficient working ethic to deliver high-quality results on time.

Bagi Anda yang berminat, silahkan melakukan pendaftaran secara online atau alamat email berikut:
[PENDAFTARAN]Esports Sales Sponsorships Manager
[PENDAFTARAN]Business Development & Community Lead
[PENDAFTARAN]Senior Marketing Planner
[PENDAFTARAN]Game Business Development Manager

https://t.me/lokerblog (Channel Lowongan Kerja Terbaru)
https://t.me/infolokerblog (Channel Info Loker Terbaru Tahun 2024)


Diharapkan untuk membaca secara keseluruhan informasi dengan teliti
Hanya pelamar terbaik sesuai klasifikasi yang akan diproses untuk mengikuti seleksi selanjutnya
Selama proses rekrutmen tidak ada dikenakan biaya apapun

Semoga informasi ini bermanfaat bagi Anda para pencari kerja dan jangan lupa untuk membagikannya kepada teman atau kerabat yang membutuhkan.
Informasi seputar lowongan kerja BUMN, CPNS & Swasta lainnya kunjungi www.lokerblog.com

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